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Shreyas Talpade Takes Theatre Online | Ep. 17

May 26, 2021
Pepper Spotlight
Shreyas Talpade Takes Theatre Online | Ep. 17
Show Notes

Today, many avid fans often face difficulties in enjoying theatre and performing arts content due to their busy lives, traffic, and distance; the pandemic and subsequent lockdowns have enhanced this challenge.

To address this challenge and as someone who started their career in theatre, renowned actor, director, producer, and now entrepreneur Shreyas Talpade conceptualized the idea behind Nine Rãsã, an OTT platform exclusively for theatre and performing arts, truly inculcating the fact that ‘the show must go on-line'.

Show Highlights:

(00:00) - Introduction

(02:37) - Discovery As An Artist

(05:25) - The Inception Of Nine-Rasa

(10:45) - People’s Reaction To Online Theater

(15:45) - Helping Artists Make A Living

(19:34) - From Actor To Entrepreneur

(22:43) - What Call The Platform Nine-Rasa?

(25:21) - Nine-Rasa VS other OTT Platforms.

(27:56) - The Reaction From The Acting Community.

(29:59) - What Content Is On Nine-Rasa?

(31:31) - Theater And Film Industry And Impact Of Covid

(40:11) - Getting On Nine-Rasa

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