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The Evolution Of Gaming Industry In India | Pranav Panpalia | Ep. 16

May 19, 2021
Pepper Spotlight
The Evolution Of Gaming Industry In India | Pranav Panpalia | Ep. 16
Show Notes

When does a creator become an influencer? How complex is the market of gaming and influencer marketing? Our guest today has all the answers.

Pranav Panpalia is an influencer turned entrepreneur. His company OpraahFx works with creators as a talent management company. In this episode, we break down the clutter of the influencer marketing world and the balance of passion and income. Pranav also managed many gamers so we dig into the world of online streaming. There is a little something for every creator in this episode.

NOTE: at 17 minutes 21 seconds, Pranav is narrating a story about working from his father’s office and starting his business as a one-person team. We lost the footage of the questions to a bad internet connection. Please pardon the abrupt jump.

Show Highlights

(00:00) - Introductions

(02:00) - The Change In The Gaming Industry

(04:56) - What Is The Indian Gaming Market Right Now?

(09:35) - How Big Was The Setback With the Pubg-Ban?

(12:25) - How Did Pranav Go From Car Review To Entrepreneurship.

(17:21) - Pavan’s Leap Into Influencer Marketing With Fukrey Returns.

(23:50) - How Is The Influencer Marketing Space Right Now?

(31:50) - What Does Pranav Look For In Creators?

(37:00) - The Balance Of Passion And Income For A Creator.

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