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Empowering Creators In India ft. Divyanshu Damani | Ep. 12

April 21, 2021
Pepper Spotlight
Empowering Creators In India ft. Divyanshu Damani | Ep. 12
Show Notes

Divyanshu Damani, the Founder of TagMango talks about how he is empowering creators. The platform enables creators to monetize their work and build a paying following for all kinds of content. In this episode, we find out what type of content sells, how to make money from creating content, and the overall shift of the content space in the last decade.

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Show highlights:

(00:00) - Introduction

(02:49) - How will Divyanshu introduce himself to a group of strangers?

(05:10) - Divyanshu’s journey before starting Tag Mango.

(09:02) - Divyanshu’s start with content-creation.

(10:30) - How have content platforms changed over time?

(16:55) - Divyanshu explains the workings of Tag Mango

(20:21)- Trends with building an audience for member-only content and monetization of content.

(23:55) - What content categories perform better on the Internet?

(26:00) - The advantages of building a closed community for your content?

(28:36) - What is Divyanshu grateful for in his journey as an entrepreneur?

(33:12) - What drives Divyanshu to keep hustling?

(37:12) - 3 Tips for new content creators!

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