Pepper Spotlight

Ep 10. The Business Of Hip-Hop ft. Chaitanya Kataria

April 07, 2021
Pepper Spotlight
Ep 10. The Business Of Hip-Hop ft. Chaitanya Kataria
Show Notes

This week on Pepper Spotlight, Chaitanya Kataria (Co-Founder and Business Head - Gully Gang Entertainment) breaks down the nuances of collaboration, insights of working with niche content, shares stories from the hip-hop industry in India, and a whole lot more.

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Show highlights:

(00:00) - Introduction

(02:29) - Who is Chaitanya Kataria, and what does he do?

(03:47) - Gully Gang Entertainment as a content company.

(05:23) - The responsibility of Gully Gang Entertainment as a leader of the hip-hop movement in India.

(11:24) - How does Chaitanya work with multiple artists; who each have their own USPs?

(12:00) - What does Gully Gang Entertainment look for when onboarding new artists?

(17:04) - How can an artist or creator stand out from the clutter in their field?

(21:12) - What analytics or trends do music-creators study before making content?

(27:33) - What is the framework for planning and promoting music content?

(32:02) - How does Gully Gang deal with multiple teams for each project.

(24:47) - The process behind the making of ‘Mirchi by DIVINE.

(40:30) - The Lightning Round

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